The O&Co Dream Funnel

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Blog Title Odegard & Company is a next generation marketing and technology consultancy specializing in business communications and sales funnel architecture. In the early days of 2020, Nate Odegard (founder and principal agent of O&Co) recognized the impending global and economic shift towards decentralization would lead to an influx of entrepreneurial activity in the US […]

The Emergence of AI Writing Tools

The Emergence of Artificially Intelligent Writing Tools

The Emergence of Artificially Intelligent Writing Tools Small Talk With Artificial Intelligence Chat GPT has caused some real uproar lately. The emergence of the Artificially intelligent language model developed by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and the rest of the Open AI team is a historically important moment. As early adopters and fanatics of disruptive technology, […]

Creating Clarity With Quality Questions

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Creating Clarity With Quality Questions Question Everything “The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the questions you ask yourself” – Tony Robbins A question is a powerful tool. From Socrates to Shakespeare, Pythagoras to DaVinci, those who’ve honed the art of quality questioning have had tremendous influence. Of course, answers reveal the […]

Tony Robbins Business Mastery

Tony Robbins Business Mastery

Leveling up your operation or starting something new this year? You’re in luck – let’s kick off 2023 on a high note by learning from the best!

The O&Co 15 Point Sales Funnel Checklist

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As an entrepreneur, you need to know the essential elements of a sales funnel so you can make sure yours fits your business model. Here’s an overview of our master list:

Into The Metaverse

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…the metaverse? Yep. In this short science fiction story, we explore the morality of the metaverse. COMING SOON.