Creating Clarity With Quality Questions

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Question Everything

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the questions you ask yourself” – Tony Robbins

A question is a powerful tool. From Socrates to Shakespeare, Pythagoras to DaVinci, those who’ve honed the art of quality questioning have had tremendous influence. Of course, answers reveal the true knowledge about the subject, but a good question reveals the wisdom about the concept. 

The following list of quality questions will continue to grow. Organized into (2) sections, OCo-FAq & Q4U:

  • OCo-FAq are questions that prospects, clients, collaborators, and others are often asking us about our business.
  • Q4U are questions that have no specific relationship to our business, but we think they invoke interesting lines of inquiry & self reflection. 


No Customers

We love implementing sales systems and architecting sales funnels for our clients. A business can’t grow without generating new leads, but there are many ways to design offerings for existing customers too. 

No Collateral

“A business with no sign is a sign of no business” – wiseman. Without a brand, sales collateral, and some digital assets, you’re putting a lot of pressure on your elevator pitch.  

No Culture

A company with a purpose is a powerful force. It can be felt – not just by customers, but by the team, board, and everyone else. Clarifying your mission, vision, values, voice, curriculum, and more will keep everyone on the same page. 

VAM (Value Added Marketing)

We believe that businesses can be blessings in the world by adding value to their customers, collaborators, and communities. By enriching our clients’ communications with authentically educational, inspirational, and helpful information as possible, we practice the long known tradition of Value Added Marketing (a fundamental technique for most masterful marketers of any economic era).

Lifelong Learning

We’re ferociously curious and eager to learn. About history, science, and literature, sure – but about you and your business, too. From a place of sincere interest in your success, we cultivate a deeper understanding of the people and products that empower your organization, and the forces that might impact our ideal outcome. 

If you want to stand out rather than fit in, it’s best to start from scratch and design individualized solutions. Though it requires a much deeper understanding of the people and products in the organization, we’ve found the best results when we’re really interested in our clients and their ideas. 

Balanced Business Practices

Sir Isaac Newton said every object is subject to forces of equal magnitude and opposite direction in his third law of motion… O&Co always aspires to bring sincerely balanced business strategies to our clients. By combining data-driven insight with creatively composed ideas, we design brand communications & marketing campaigns that are both effective and engaging. Our motto, “where calculation meets creativity”, strives to concisely capture this idea of harmonious duality.

A great example of our practical paradox practice is our “Tactile Technology” business cards – when making cards (and other sales collateral) for our clients, we bridge the gap between the customers first contact with your brand (physical experience) and their ideal destination (digital experience) as effortlessly as possible. 

We help you say what you’ve been thinking. 

We often hear something like, “wow, thank you – that’s what I’ve been trying to say, but couldn’t quite find the right words.” As strategic communicators, our goal is to understand your idea, and then articulate it in a way that authentically resonates with your audience. 

We bring fresh ideas to the table and welcome disruption. 

All too often, those who dare to dream big are discounted. When you think outside the box, it can be difficult to rally support for your “abstract” or “alternative” product or service without the right narrative. That said, at O & Co, these disruptive ideas are the ones we value most because they have the greatest potential to make a real difference. And if you’re looking for a uniquely angled perspective on how you can bring an elevated sense of innovation to the marketplace, then we’ll be thrilled to brainstorm.  

We prioritize being present with our people. 

Life is busy – between personal needs, professional responsibilities, and passion projects, we’re all a little overbooked. But, when we connect with a client, we practice a “presence policy”. No rushing, no misunderstanding, no transactional interactions. You, both your business and your being, have our undivided attention when we’re with you.  

The “Company” we keep is a powerful indicator of who we are, and Nate’s network of collaborators is always expanding in depth and breadth of capability. Our organizational structure is more fluid than a traditional business model – We believe the future of work will be more “decentralized” than ever before. 

Depending on the needs of the project, we bring in unique combinations of our trusted collaborators so that we can achieve optimal results. For instance, if we’re helping a budding blockchain brand build their new NFT product and develop their digital footprint, then our graphic designer, UX designer, and smart contract coder, will all bring incredibly useful insight to the table. However, if we’re working with a Denver based remodeling company who just needs new leads, then our pay per click ad management team, search engine optimization specialist, and social media marketers will be well utilized. 

This dynamic approach to our organization enables us to more efficiently and effectively achieve the desired results without wasting our (and/or our client’s) valuable resources. You can learn more about some of our favorite collaborators, or the “Co” to my O, here.    

At O&Co, our first step with every client is detailed discovery. We love learning about you, your business, your background, and what you hope to achieve. We facilitate a deep diving conversation, take thorough notes, and really reflect on the discussion. Ideally, we’d like to meet for a coffee in the morning, beer in the afternoon, a walk through the park, a hike/ski if you dare. 

Then, from a place of understanding, we begin to formulate a strategy that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. From Miyamoto Musashi (deified Japanese samurai, said to have never lost a battle) to Pablo Pacaso (perhaps the most influential / easily identifiable artist of the 20th century), the most distinguished and accomplished individuals in their field always proclaim the importance of strategy.

With a well developed strategic foundation, we then implement the various sales and communication tactics that comprise your custom marketing strategy.     

When crafting campaigns, we consider your unique set of circumstances and orient our approach around our ideal opportunities and anticipated obstacles. Most marketing agencies try to push pre-made products onto their customers because they’ve found that “most businesses” need X formula to achieve Y result. They aren’t entirely wrong, but at O&Co, we’re more interested in working with businesses that aren’t so bland. 


This question prompts you to reflect on the real benefits you bring to the marketplace. Rather than saying “we are marketers”, we could say, “we provide strategic communications and business development solutions to start-ups and small businesses”. The more granular you can be, the better.

Do you have an interesting origin story or remember what inspired you to get into this industry in the first place? What motivates you on a daily basis in this business? And why should anyone else care about your product/service and the problem(s) it helps solve? When you can answer these questions clearly, it creates a narrative that your clients and prospects can remember, associate with your business, and more easily share with their networks. 

The first step towards solving any problem is simply having awareness of the problem’s existence. When it comes to getting the help your business needs, you must first look inward and understand your role in the organization. Personality tests and typing (through frameworks such as the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Astrology, etc) can be useful tools for reflection, as they seek to identify patterns in your personality that likely express in your professional skill set as well. Once you find your strengths, you can focus on filling your weaknesses by partnering with people who display supporting skills/attributes/attitudes. 

The most profound truths are always found in the natural world. As Jim Rohn, one of Tony Robbins primary inspirations, says: “everything in life has its season.” Where are you at in your career? Are you winding down, ready to sell your business for a nice multiple and sail into the sunset? Or are you just warming up, making connections and accumulating resources so you can reach more people with your revolutionary approach to whatever it is you do?

We dare you to dedicate 10 minutes today, right now, to dream about what comes next for you, your business, and the world

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