Where Calculation Meets Creativity

Welcome to O&Co, 

a marketing consultancy 

for the next generation.

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Make your message meaningful

At the confluence of artistic ideas and scientific systems

Strategic Communications
& Brand Experiences Are O&Co's Bread & Butter

At O&Co, we help businesses articulate what makes them unique. When you dare to be different in a marketplace saturated with similar competitors, customers notice. 

Automating your organizations systems saves time/money/energy – If you’re ready to offload annoyances and optimize workflows, then you’re in the right place.

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Today's Obstacles
Tomorrow's Opportunities

The next wave of economic & technological growth will be an exponential one, and it is closing in. Those who can learn the landscape & position properly might just surf the surge & find themselves amongst the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.

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No Customers

We love implementing sales systems and architecting sales funnels for our clients. A business can’t grow without generating new leads, but there are many ways to design offerings for existing customers too. 

No Collateral

“A business with no sign is a sign of no business” – wiseman. Without a brand, sales collateral, and some digital assets, you’re putting a lot of pressure on your elevator pitch.  

No Culture

A company with a purpose is a powerful force. It can be felt – not just by customers, but by the team, board, and everyone else. Clarifying your mission, vision, values, voice, curriculum, and more will keep everyone on the same page. 

VAM (Value Added Marketing)

We believe that businesses can be blessings in the world by adding value to their customers, collaborators, and communities. By enriching our clients’ communications with authentically educational, inspirational, and helpful information as possible, we practice the long known tradition of Value Added Marketing (a fundamental technique for most masterful marketers of any economic era).

Lifelong Learning

We’re ferociously curious and eager to learn. About history, science, and literature, sure – but about you and your business, too. From a place of sincere interest in your success, we cultivate a deeper understanding of the people and products that empower your organization, and the forces that might impact our ideal outcome. 

If you want to stand out rather than fit in, it’s best to start from scratch and design individualized solutions. Though it requires a much deeper understanding of the people and products in the organization, we’ve found the best results when we’re really interested in our clients and their ideas. 

Practical Paradox

We love a good paradox (aka, a quirky but balanced equation). O&Co always aspires to bring sincerely balanced business strategies to our clients. By combining data-driven insight with creatively composed ideas, we design brand communications & marketing campaigns that are both effective and engaging. Our motto, “where calculation meets creativity”, strives to concisely capture this idea of harmonious duality.

A great example of our practical paradox practice is our “Tactile Technology” business cards – when making cards (and other sales collateral) for our clients, we bridge the gap between the customers first contact with your brand (physical experience) and their ideal destination (digital experience) as effortlessly as possible.

At O&Co, our first step with every client is detailed discovery. We love learning about you, your business, your background, and what you hope to achieve. We facilitate a deep diving conversation, take thorough notes, and really reflect on the discussion. Ideally, we’d like to meet for a coffee in the morning, beer in the afternoon, a walk through the park, a hike/ski if you dare. 

Then, from a place of understanding, we begin to formulate a strategy that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. From Miyamoto Musashi (deified Japanese samurai, said to have never lost a battle) to Pablo Pacaso (perhaps the most influential / easily identifiable artist of the 20th century), the most distinguished and accomplished individuals in their field always proclaim the importance of strategy.

With a well developed strategic foundation, we then implement the various sales and communication tactics that comprise your custom marketing strategy.     

When crafting campaigns, we consider your unique set of circumstances and orient our approach around our ideal opportunities and anticipated obstacles. Most marketing agencies try to push pre-made products onto their customers because they’ve found that “most businesses” need X formula to achieve Y result. They aren’t entirely wrong, but at O&Co, we’re more interested in working with businesses that aren’t so bland. 

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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


Even the best house will fall if it’s built on a bed of sand.  Want a skyscraper? You’re gonna need rock solid foundation and proper support.

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Be patient.
Be persistent.


When you set your mind on a singular focus, entirely aspire to your burning desire, then the dream is destined to become reality.

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Think lightly of yourself & deeply of the world.


The time, place, & way to take action fluctuates indefinitely – a well cultivated sense of awareness listens carefully and acts decisively.

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To equip fellow entrepreneurs with the communication tools, sales systems, and messaging tactics that will enable them to increase their impact and make more money.

The history of human kind is defined by the tools we use. First, fire and stone. Now, networks and systems. By positioning ourselves on the cutting edge of innovation, we prepare for success not only today, but tomorrow too. 


Things will get worse before they get better. The ability to sell your self/product/skill will be essential soon, & those who persist will sow choice seeds in tomorrows fields.

We are approaching an inflection point. A moment when technology propels our societal evolution in a parabolic direction. Automation, extra reality experiences, and artificial intelligence will change the way we work, play, and live.