Where Calculation Meets Creativity

Welcome to O&Co, 

a marketing consultancy 

for the next generation.

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At the confluence of ideation and implementation –

We make your message meaningful

We Specialize In Brand Storytelling & Marketing Strategy

The modern marketplace is saturated with indistinguishable products. Now more than ever, it’s essential to successfully differentiate your brand identity and core offerings.

At O&Co, we help your business articulate what you do and why it matters in a way that authentically resonates with your target audience. Then, we create brand assets (like websites, business cards, videos, etc) to equip you with the tools you need to navigate sales situations with ease. Finally, we implement ongoing marketing tactics (like sales funnel optimization, search engine management, social media marketing, etc) to increase the amount of attention flowing to your business. Simple enough, right? 

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Today's Obstacles Are
Tomorrow's Opportunities

The exponential age is upon us. This wave of technological transformation & economic expansion is an inflection point in the upward march of humanity.  Those who learn the landscape & position properly might just surf the surge & find themselves amongst the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. Will you be one of them?

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No Customers

We love implementing sales systems and architecting sales funnels for our clients. A business can’t grow without generating new leads, but there are many ways to design offerings for existing customers too. 

No Collateral

“A business with no sign is a sign of no business” – wiseman. Without a brand, sales collateral, and some digital assets, you’re putting a lot of pressure on your elevator pitch.  

No Culture

A company with a purpose is a powerful force. It can be felt – not just by customers, but by the team, board, and everyone else. Clarifying your mission, vision, values, voice, curriculum, and more will keep everyone on the same page. 

VAM (Value Added Marketing)

“Business is a spiritual game that you win by create value for your community” – Tony Robbins

By enriching your marketing message  with educational, inspirational, and helpful information, we create content that your customers will actually enjoy reading. 

Lifelong Learning

We’re ferociously curious and eager to learn. About history, science, and literature, sure – but about you and your business, too. From a place of sincere interest, we cultivate a deep understanding of the people and products that power your organization.

Practical Paradox

We love a good juxtaposition. By combining data-driven insight with creatively composed ideas, we make brand stories & marketing strategies that are both effective and engaging.

First, we give you a free initial consultation to find out about your operation and objectives.

Then, we dive into a heavy-duty discovery session that gets to the heart of the brand development process.

Finally, we create a strategy document that clarifies your marketing message and guides the next steps in our journey.

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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


Want to build a skyscraper? 

Find your cornerstones, lean into systems that support you. 

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Be patient.
Be persistent.


What is your burning desire? 

Masterpieces are made by those who dare to have grand aspirations.

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Because they do not dwell on success, it never goes away.


Why cling to what’s in flux?

The time, place, & way to take action is always changing. Be present. 

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To equip entrepreneurs with the tools / tactics needed to transform their passion into a profession.

From sticks and stones to novels and networks, the tools we’ve used have defined our history.

Like a toolbox, O&Co aspire to provide specialized equipment that entrepreneurs, with the proper know-how, can utilize to build better businesses.

By positioning ourselves on the cutting edge of innovation, we prepare for success not only today, but tomorrow too. 


A world where symbiotic ecosystems of people / places / pursuits fuel one another - creating abundance for all.

A chord sounds sweeter than an individual note.  Harmony is guiding principle of good music.

Like a garden, O&Co believe that the growth of each individual plant will behoove the bounty of the whole harvest.

Advancements in our understanding of nature and technology indicate that cooperation rather than competition is the driving force in network growth.