Odegard & Company

Welcome to O&Co, 

a marketing consultancy 

for the next generation.

It’s time to make your marketing meaningful.

We unite artistic ideas with analytical implementations – where calculation meets creativity.

Brand Identities
& Business Systems Are Our Bread & Butter

At O&Co, we help brands express what makes them unique. When you dare to be different in a marketplace saturated with undifferentiable competitors, customers notice. 

Automating your organizations systems saves time/money/energy – If you’re ready to offload annoyances and optimize workflows, then you’re in the right place.


Today's Obstacles
Tomorrow's Opportunities

The next wave of economic & technological growth will be an exponential one, and it is closing in. Those who can learn the landscape & position properly might just surf the surge & find themselves amongst the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


Even the best house will fall if it’s built on a bed of sand.  Building a skyscraper? You’re gonna need a solid foundation.


Be patient.
Be persistent.


When you set your mind on a singular objective, entirely aspire to your burning desire, then any dream is achievable.


Think lightly of yourself & deeply of the world.


The time, place, & way to take action fluctuates indefinitely – a well cultivated sense of awareness listens carefully.


To equip entrepreneurs with the tools and tactics they need to thrive in the exponential age of information.

The history of human kind is defined by the tools we use. First, fire and stone. Now, networks and systems. By positioning ourselves on the cutting edge of innovation, we prepare for success not only today, but tomorrow too. 


An age of immense innovation, driven by disruptive technologies, is closer than most imagine.

We are approaching an inflection point. A moment when technology propels our societal evolution in a parabolic direction. Automation, extra reality experiences, and artificial intelligence will change the way we work, play, and live.