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Need sales systems and marketing assets that help articulate who you are, what you do, and why it matters? O&Co equip entrepreneurs with everything they need to build and grow their business. 

Looking for a decentralized marketing manager that can oversee multiple campaigns? You’re in the right place, be sure to ask about the Omni Club.


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A Successful Campaign Begins With Strategy.

“Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success.” 

– Pablo Picasso


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Working on your business should be something that excites you. If you aren’t inspired by the opportunity at hand, then why would anyone else be?

At O&Co, we love a chance to connect with fellow entrepreneurs to see if we can help them innovate & articulate their brand identity, irresistible offering, and company culture. 

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Omni Club


Business boils down to two core capacities: Innovation and Marketing. We pride ourselves on the ability to help you with both. 

This exclusive retainer relationship is preserved for those who want comprehensive business consulting focused on strategic insights, technological implementations, and marketing services.  

To learn more about O&Co’s Omni Club and all it entails –

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O&Co Core Deliverables

All brand assets created by O&Co are done so artfully. Our intention is to authentically add value to your audience, thus enabling/encouraging them to take the next step in their journey with you. 

Design Assets: Logos, Infographics, Stickers, Style Guides, Brand Books, etc. 

Print Assets: Business Cards, Stickers, Trifold Brochures, Sales Folders, etc. 

Digital Assets: Webpage, Website, Blog/Article, Social Media Post, etc.

Media Assets: Photography, Videography, Editing, Scripting, Studio Set Up, etc.

Ever had a combination plate? Delicious as presented, but substitutions are warmly welcomed. In fact, it shows the patrons know what they want.  

Entrepreneurial 3ssentials

Anyone can draw a logo, whip up a website & get you online – but not everyone can design a brand identity worth buying into. Entrepreneurs ready to establish their new business will want to start here.  

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Starts at $3,000

Logo Design

The perfect logo sums up your business without saying a word. It is the crux of your brand identity, the image that comes to mind when your company enters the conversation.

Uniqueness is interesting, but simplicity sells – At O&Co, we design well balanced brand assets that encourage your audience to explore the rest of your story. 


  • One logo
    • All file formats (.ai, .png, .pdf, .svg)
  • One favicon
  • Only done once you are 100% satisfied with the product.

Website Development

Without a Content Management System (CMS), you’re invisible online. A businesses that wants to scale their marketing down the road need to build a solid foundation.

A single web page establishes your business’s digital footprint and provide an access point into your brand experience. 

The science of web design is in effective information architecture. We find a note that resonates w/ your audience and sing your unique brand story to the tune.


  • 1 page custom website designed to streamline your sales process. 
  • CRM set up & integration
  • Domain & Hosting not included, but easily added.
    • Domain: ~$12/year
    • Hosting: ~$15/month

(Business) Card Creation

Every entrepreneur needs an easy way to provide their mission critical information (contact info, QR, etc). An effective business card is an essential brand asset. 

O&Co cards don’t just make an excellent initial impression, they guide your prospects through the next step in your sales process.


  • One set ([front]/[back]) of business card designs 
  • Designed to “bridge” the experience from the logo and website. 
  • Only done once you are 100% satisfied with the product.


  • Instead of Business Cards, your brand might better benefit from a pack of stickers.
  • Ask about other substitutions!
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4ctionable Marketing Strategy

With a clear understanding of your business, O&Co create a thoughtfully crafted strategy document that can be used to derive a vast array of communication tools like webpages, articles, sales folders, ad campaigns, and more. This package includes a thoughtfully crafted content strategy and 4 deliverables. 

Below, you’ll find some example combinations that we’ve used to great avail.  

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Starts at $5,400

Superb Sales Folder

The idea is simple. You want to leave behind all the information your customer could possibly want before making their purchasing decision so they don’t go to google and find the guy next door.  

At O&Co, we love creating a “continuous design language” for your brand. Consistent symbols and statements make your brand more memorable, thus making more impact on your customers. 


  • 1 style guide, a well organized design document anybody can plug and play with. 
  • 1 sales folder to safely house all your sales collateral
    • outer cover
    • up to 7 inner pages
  • 1 trifold brochure to target your secondary audience. 
  • 1 beautiful set of business card designs.

Educate & Entertain Campaign

Truth be told, no one wants to buy anything anymore, they want a buying experience.

By creating a set of  educational, yet entertaining pieces of digital content, we build trust with your target audience. Our goal is to  give them the information and inspiration needed to act on your offer.  


  • 1 webpage that presents your brand identity through narrative driven storytelling.
  • 1 webpage to house your educational articles and supporting content assets.
  • 1 onsite blog to clarify your core offer. 
  • 1 offsite article increasing your exposure and visibility

"The Bridge" Trifold Brochure

An effective offer gracefully guides prospects through their purchasing journey. By creating a 4 step sales experience, using both physical and digital brand assets, we make it easy for them to do business with us.

What if you had a trifold brochure that perfectly articulated your core offer? It’s even ordained with QR codes that connect the reader to multiple supporting pieces of content to help clarify the details and capture your new customers information. 


  • 1 webpage articulating your special offer.
  • 2 onsite blogs elaborating on the essential information. 
  • 1 trifold brochure tying it all together. 
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Above & 8eyond

Innately, we seek to understand those around us, especially the businesses we depend on. Thus, your brand’s ability to create a narrative that effectively conveys your value proposition is of paramount importance. Thankfully, O&Co love an opportunity to turn a complex concept into quality content.

From Alpha to Omega, we make a marketing experience that touches your customer at every step in their purchasing journey. 

Starts at $9,999

Customer Service Special

“Be a blessing to others and you will be blessed” – Tony Robbins.

Effective communications create more customers. Give them your best by cultivating a suite of education content assets that provide valuable information about your brand. 

The quicker, the better. Integrating a trained chatbot on your website will bring your response time down dramatically, promoting your products and prompting prospects to purchase.


  • 1 AI chatbot on your website
  • 2 sales frameworks
    • 1 for cold leads
    • 1 for warm referrals
  • 8 SEO optimized articles
  • 33 social media posts

Purposeful Media Production

Show, don’t tell. 

Growing businesses need organically produced content that connects with their audience. 

Beyond that, you need to know how to use media assets to encourage action, drive sales, and maximize ROI.  


  • Videography
    • 3+ Final Videos
      • Brand Storytelling
      • Short & Sharp Comercial Clips
      • Talking Head Testimonials
  • Pre-production
    • Scripting 
    • Staging
  • Post-production
    • Editing
    • Posting
  •  Photography
    • Product
    • Event
    • Behind The Scenes

Optimized Sales Funnel

What’s the best way to sell stuff online? 

First, we build a webpage designed to drive your audience to action.

Then, we create a social media calendar that authentically engages people who might want your product.

Finally, we advertise our offering through highly trafficked channels like Google or Facebook.

We want to run the campaign for at least 6 months so that we have enough time to test, optimize, and analyze the results. 


  • Conversion oriented landing page.
  • Attention grabbing ad campaign
    • Set up
    • Management
    • Data analysis
    • Optimization
  • Stand out social media content
    • 2 posts per week minimum
    • Engagement bot to ethically boost interaction with your brand. 
    • Product photography to capture your business in action. 
    • Custom graphics & animations

What About My Website?

Website design and development is our bread and butter. This is the foundation of your online marketing ecosystem – once it’s established, we can run an array of campaigns that effectively drive traffic to your conversion oriented website.  

The cost of the project depends on the complexity, but most sites average $1,000 per page.