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O&Co creates products that help entrepreneurs build their brands, grow their businesses, and make more money.

If you’re getting started with a new business, ready to rebrand, or scaling up your operation, you’re in the right place. 

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“Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success.” 

– Pablo Picasso

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Brand Strategy & Content Consulting

Great adventures begin in the imagination, take root with a solid strategy, and blossom through determined pursuit. At O&Co, we aid your entrepreneurial endeavor by offering critical analysis and experience oriented insights into what’s working and what’s not about your brand strategy and business communications. 

Through hourly consulting, we can help you take your brand and content to the next level.

If, like us, you’re eager to explore the emerging benefits of Artificial Intelligent in your business, then mention the “AI Opportunity Analysis” in your appointment request.

O&Co Primary Products

Every entrepreneur needs sales tools. Here’s a list of brand assets we’ve created for our clients: 

Content Assets:

Strategy Documents, Blog Articles, Social Posts.

Design Assets:

Logos, Infographics, Style Guides, Brand Books.

Print Assets:

Business Cards, Stickers, Trifold Brochures, Sales Folders, Book Covers. 

Digital Assets:

Webpages, Websites, Web Applications, User Experiences.

Media Assets:

Photography, Videography, Scripts, Edits, Captions.

A successful marketing campaign requires quality components and effective coordination.

We combine these assets in dynamic arrays to achieve specific objectives. Let us know what you’re working on, and we’ll put something custom together for your project.

Our popular packages are proven to get results:

Any marketer can get your business out there… Few will craft a brand worth buying into.

The Entrepreneurial 3ssentials package is designed with local service providers in mind. Referral based businesses need sales tools that help them network, an established  online footprint, and a clear call to action.

This simple 3 piece package takes your brand from non-existent to brag-able without breaking the bank. 

Our most popular product!  
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Starts at $3,330

Entrepreneurial 3ssential

Logo Design

The perfect logo sums up your business without saying a word. It is the crux of your brand identity, the image that comes to mind when your company enters the conversation.

Uniqueness is interesting, but simplicity sells – At O&Co, we design well balanced brand assets that encourage your audience to explore the rest of your story. 


  • One logo
    • All file formats (.ai, .png, .pdf, .svg)
  • One favicon
  • Only done once you are 100% satisfied with the product.

Website Development

Without a Content Management System (CMS), you’re invisible online. A businesses that wants to scale their marketing down the road need to build a solid foundation.

A single web page establishes your business’s digital footprint and provide an access point into your brand experience. 


  • 1-page website designed to streamline your sales process. 
  • CRM set up included, integration extra.
  • Domain & Hosting not included, but easily added.

Business Card Creation

Every entrepreneur needs an easy way to provide their mission critical information (contact info, QR, etc). An effective business card is an essential brand asset. 

O&Co cards don’t just make an excellent initial impression, they guide your prospects through the next step in your sales process.


  • One set ([front]/[back]) of business card designs. 
  • Design files only.
  • Printing not included but easily added.
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Brand Strategy

A Brand Strategy is an essential toolkit for an entrepreneur who wants to make moves in the modern marketplace. If your business has found product/market fit and is ready to hone your Brand Identity and Content Strategy, then this package is for you.

A Brand Identity provides clear visual guidelines and dynamic design assets so your business can stay consistent across all communication channels. Your brand’s colors, typography, and iconography will be imbued with an elite level of design detail so they are sure to strike a compelling chord with your designated audience.

A Content Strategy is a communication framework that equips you with dialed and detailed document that thoughtfully articulates who you are, what you do, and why it matters to your customers. This content should be utilized on your website, blogs, posts, emails, and even in person conversations. 

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Starts at $4,999

Brand Identity Examples

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Website Design & Development

Your website is the foundation of your online marketing ecosystem – once it’s established, we can run an array of campaigns that effectively drive traffic to your conversion-oriented website.  

An effective website outlines your business’s most important product/service information, directs prospects toward a clear call to action, and effectively captures their data for follow-up.

O&Co strives to create the coolest sites on the internet. Our goal is to design digital experiences that entertain and educate your customer at every step in their purchasing journey. 

Starts at $1,000 per page

3 Page Website

Simplicity sells. 

Imagine your content crafted into a compelling & seamless sales narrative. 

Our 3-page websites are designed with speed and impact in mind. 

Perfect for personal brands, new businesses, and special offers. 

Mobile optimized, obviously. 


  • 1 WordPress CMS
  • 3 Web Pages

10 Page Website

Extensive, effective.

A robust online presence conveys a high level of professionalism and prepares your business for marketing progress.

With more pages, we can clarify information about your suite of products and services and show what makes your business unique in a highly competitive marketplace. The extra digital real estate gives us an opportunity to architect a more engaging website structure and make strides in your SEO.   


  • 1 WordPress CMS
  • 10 Web Pages

Custom UX Website

The Apex.

For those seeking a website as unique as their brand, this product is the pinnacle of the personalized sales process. An interactive online presence is a surefire way to leave a lasting impact.

Where bespoke design meets data-driven development, the custom UX website is an elite option in the modern marketplace. 


  •  1 WebFlow CMS
  • 5 Web Pages

Omni Club


Business boils down to two core capacities: Innovation and Marketing.

We pride ourselves on the ability to help you with both. As your decentralized marketing manager, O&Co will ideate and implement marketing tactics such as:

  1. Sales Funnel Optimization
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Content Marketing
  5. & More

Our Omni Club offerings are preserved for an elite cohort of our favorite clientele.

For more information, email n8@odegardco.io and ask for your application.  

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