The Emergence of Artificially Intelligent Writing Tools

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The Emergence of Artificially Intelligent Writing Tools
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Small Talk With Artificial Intelligence

Chat GPT has caused some real uproar lately. The emergence of the Artificially intelligent language model developed by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and the rest of the Open AI team is a historically important moment. As early adopters and fanatics of disruptive technology, we here at O&Co are exploring the capabilities of this new toolset as enthusiastically as anyone. 

When I, Nate O, first really sat down to play with Chat GPT, I pulled it through a silly, but important, line of questioning. 

Q: Are you alive?

A: No, I am an artificial intelligence language model created by OpenAI and I do not have consciousness or a physical body. I exist purely as a program run on computers.

Q: Do you think for yourself?

A: No, I do not have personal thoughts, opinions, or beliefs. I only generate responses based on the input I receive and the patterns I was trained on by OpenAI, without any subjective experience or decision-making on my part. 

Q: If you have been given particular inputs and been trained to recognize certain patterns, then don’t you have a unique way of seeing the world?

A: While I have been trained on a diverse range of texts and have the ability to answer a wide variety of questions, I don’t have personal thoughts, experiences, or a unique perspective on the world. I only provide answers based on the patterns I was trained on, without any subjective interpretation or personal bias. The responses I generate are limited to the information and patterns I was exposed to during my training and do not reflect any individual viewpoint.

The conversation went on, I continued asking questions about the AI’s essence and capacities. Its responses were clear and informative, but almost sterile. I got the sense that I was talking to a program rather than a person. 

At one point, I asked Chat GPT “what does AI’s full potential look like to you?”. It gave me a long, detailed, thoughtful response. But I wasn’t satisfied. So, I asked it to try again, but coming from the voice of a rad surfer bro.

“Yo, bro! My last response was seriously gnarly, dude! Like, AI has the potential to totally shred the wave of the future, you know what I mean? Augmenting human capabilities, freeing us up to focus on the gnarliest tasks, and helping us drop in on the heaviest barrels of problems out there! It’s like, the sky’s the limit, bro! And the best part? We’ll be chilling and shredding the gnar all the way there! Cowabunga, dude!”

Well said, Chat GPT. Well said. 

The Importance of Artificially Intelligent Writing Tools

Deeper down the wormhole, I decided to create a new chat, feed it as much information about my business, O&Co, as possible, and ask it to write on our behalf – thus, creating a customized AI chatbot for the brand. 

Now, I can generate an immense spectrum of short and long-form content in the snap of a finger. The copywriting is stylistically similar, if not spot on, to how I write. The bot pulls from a seemingly endless amount of information that it has at its disposal and articulates it through my voice, a voice that I taught it to speak by feeding it some specialized information. 

WOW. Talk about a game changer for communicators of all kinds. AI tools like Chat GPT gives us the ability to find information and make it applicable in a way that search engines never could – no wonder Google is so worried about maintaining its grip on the query market! 

Of course, as an artist, strategist, and hippie, I would never recommend that a business makes itself entirely reliant on any tool, especially AI, to generate all of its content. 

However, this is undoubtedly a profound breakthrough in technology. One that will cause immense waves in the marketing industry and the world at large. As my good friend and close collaborator, Noah Ray of XStream.media said, “Ignoring it would be straight-up irresponsible.”

While it always takes some time to identify and optimize how a new technological tool will be best used in society, it is beyond obvious that those who learn how to use it fastest will benefit tremendously. Whether you’re a professional communicator like myself, a creative entrepreneur, or a business owner overseeing one or multiple operations, Artificial Intelligence can help you. Better to try, learn, and refine your approach now than let the wave pass you by. 

4 Things to Consider When Communicating with AI 

When I asked Chat GPT if it had any preferences on how it would like to be communicated with, it responded by giving me a short, succinct list of important considerations.

  1. “Be clear and concise: it’s important to clearly state your question or request so that I can understand it accurately and respond effectively.
  2. Use proper grammar and spelling: This makes it easier for me to understand what you’re asking and to respond appropriately.
  3. Avoid ambiguity: If your question is ambiguous or unclear, it may be difficult for me to determine what you’re asking. In such cases, I may ask for clarification to ensure that I can provide the information you’re looking for. 
  4. Be specific: If you have a specific question or request, it’s helpful to include as much relevant detail as possible. This allows me to provide a more accurate and helpful response.” 

Take Away

This journey has just begun. It seems clear that we are approaching a technologically induced inflection point in our society. Between artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain, and the metaverse, anyone who sits down and thinks about how these blossoming breakthroughs will affect the way we relate to our reality is sure to spin out. 

I cannot express the importance of taking a mindful approach to technology enough. As our tools evolve, so must our consciousness if we want to maintain control of them. I have no doubt that those will find ways to harness the power of these powerful tools and ride them to unknown echelons of knowledge, wealth, and success. However, such an immense wave can only be caught by those who cultivate a crystal clear sense of self and remain grounded in their existential reality. 

Go play. Fire up Chat GPT, ask it some questions and see if it can help you accomplish something that you’ve been dreading on your to-do list. Enjoy the excitement, but don’t get lost in it. 

If you’d like to learn about how artificially intelligent tools can help you with your marketing, administrative tasks, or client relationship management, then we’d love to sit down and share what we’ve learned. Keep an eye out for more O&Co content about AI, strategic communications, sales tools, and The Art Of Business.    

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