Need A Marketing Consultant?

Whether your objective is launching a new product or asserting yourself as a thought leader in your industry, O & Co provides brand strategy and digital marketing services from the confluence of calculation and creativity.

Successful Marketing Begins With Strategy

“Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success.” 

– Pablo Picasso

O & Co’s first focus is always creating a custom-tailored marketing strategy for our clients that simultaneously identifies immediate objectives and inspires future action. Uncovering what makes your brand unique allows us to carve out an unrivaled position in the marketplace.




At O & Co, we’ve learned that by understanding the essence of your enterprise and perpetually navigating the digital marketing landscape on your behalf, we enable our clients to focus on operating the business and enjoying the ride. 

Through our monthly consulting retainer, we deliver a comprehensive marketing service for our select clientele. 

Starts at $999 per month



Innately, we seek to understand those around us, especially the businesses we depend on. Thus, your brand’s ability to create a narrative that clearly and concisely conveys your value proposition is of paramount importance. Thankfully, O & co specializes in turning complex concepts into quality content.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is a business’s blueprint for communicating with prospects and partners alike. With this strategy, O & Co develop high fidelity content calendars that are invaluable tools for companies that need consistent messaging throughout their marketing. 

After Identifying the essence of your brand identity, core offerings, and company culture, O & Co create a highly adaptable content asset that you can utilize to produce polished sales touch points from blogs to e-books.


Starts at $2,999


Writing’s goal is to eliminate the conscious distance between the author, your company, and the audience, your customer. Quality content is at the crux of all meaningful marketing, so make sure your copy is clean. 

Whether the medium is short form content (social media posts, advertisements, video scripts, etc) or long form content (websites, e-books, digital courses, etc), high caliber copywriting will make all the difference.


$1 per word

Social Media Management, Website Services

& Digital Marketing

An effective online marketing machine must simultaneously attract traffic, nurture prospects, and convert leads. So, while each digital marketing tool and tactic has its own place, the true art of an optimally architected marketing funnel comes from the symbiotic structuring of the disparate pieces.


Pay-per-click advertising is like planting a flower bed, whereas search engine optimization is like planting a tree.

The flowers will attract more attention at first, but must be planted time and time again; the tree takes longer to grow, but in time will bear fruit and provide shade for years to come.

SEO and PPC ads are the bread and butter of a digital marketers toolkit.

An in-depth understanding of your short and long term objectives helps O & Co effectively balance our focus between cultivating organic traffic and energizing an immediate influx.

Social Media Marketing

Well managed social media profiles create an ethos of professionalism and are the best way for a business to stay top of mind with new prospects, existing customers, and potential collaborators.

An array of social media best practices, from tactically timed posts to consistently designed graphics, allow O & Co to turn your business profile into the envy of your opposition.

If you’re ready  to take your marketing to the next level, then be sure to tell your O & Co agent that you’re interested in implementing a video production package into your social media management strategy. 

Website Design

Online traffic primarily travels to and through your website, making it the foundation of your business’s digital marketing funnel.

If your website isn’t optimized to convert, all the traffic in the world will do nothing to elevate your bottom line.

With just one web page, we can establish your brand’s digital footprint and synchronize it to a seemingly limitless suite of marketing tools like advertisements, analytics, and search engine optimization plug ins.

However, if you’re looking to build a platform that your customers will use on a regular basis, more advanced functionality like client portals, web applications, e-commerce  pages, custom dashboards, and web3 integrations are available.