The Best Is Yet To Come

Every day, advancements in society, sparked by the struggles of deteriorating systems, send us towards an impending age of exponential growth.

The opportunities on the horizon are enormous, and those willing to challenge crumbling paradigms will be rewarded greatly.


I’m Nate O. An artist at heart, entrepreneur by trade, & founder / principal agent of O&Co. 

Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was always surrounded by art. After studying creative & technical writing, I somehow got hooked on the art of business & ended up a marketer. 

Since the early days of 2020, I’ve been fascinated by automation, decentralization, & the building wave of technology that will alter the way we experience the world around us.  

So, I set out to become an expert at equipping fellow businessmen/women with the information they need to successfully navigate the next generation of opportunity. 




Though industries vary, intentions are the same – O&Co clients want to build a better tomorrow, be their very best, & enjoy the ride. 

+ They are early adopters, eager to try technologies that could give them an advantage. 

+ They are authentic individuals, emboldened by finding an unexplored & strategically positioned place in the market.

+ They are daring dreamers, willing to aim for peaks that fend off most others.

Aspiring tech titans, altruistic artists, & everyday entrepreneurs alike deserve a custom tailored approach to digital marketing & brand strategy. That said, we can’t serve them all. So, we only work with the businesses we truly believe in – If you have an inspiring mission, then we’d love to help. 



Think and Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill and published in 1937, is the foundational document of the science of personal achievement. Having touched the lives of over 200 million readers, Hill’s text is a tribute to the power of success consciousness and the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2020, the Think and Grow Rich Legacy Movie, produced by Sir John Shin (recently rated #1 wealth advisor by USA Today, link), took the stage. As a coordinator of strategic partnerships, Nate seeks to identify individuals whose values and vision align with the tenants of TGR and facilitate partnerships throughout the ecosystem.


Based in Los Angeles, California, Redefined Agency is an elite digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation and software implementations. Expertise in automated marketing systems enable the agency to develop custom turn-key marketing solutions for entrepreneurs in an array of financial/personal service and sales oriented industries. Ralph Vildosola, the agency’s founder, is a pioneer of the online marketing industry. With nearly two decades of experience, he has been the architect behind countless successful marketing campaigns and business development strategies.

Beta Media Group


Specializing in topics pertaining to financial freedom and adventure altruism, Beta Media Group is a next generation marketing and technology company comprised of creatives and technologists. By facilitating the production of video and audio content (complete with pre-production and post-production services like scripting, set up, editing, and channel management), BMG enables our partners to connect to their customers through engaging media content.

Skilled Specialists


From talented graphic designers and videographers to technical SEO pros and web developers, Odegard & Company are well connected with a wide spectrum of specialists who can provide a comprehensive suite of marketing services. These fine tuned relationships remove the need for clients to communicate with an array of service providers, and instead can depend on O&Co to oversee all their marketing needs.